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Evil Is Real - And Ignoring It Won't Protect
     You From It...
* You had your home inspected
   for physical problems - check.

* You had your home inspected for pests - check.

So why wouldn't you want to have your home inspected for spiritual rot, breakdown and infestation?
Home Inspection
Evil Inside
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Because it's likely there in one form or another.  
Would you buy a house or live in one that didn't have a home inspection? Would you trust the previous owner's word that there were no hidden electrical, plumbing, foundation or roofing problems with the house? The vast majority of home owners entrust their purchase to a Home Inspector they hire to check out all aspects of the physical property for them.
Why doesn't anybody do the same thing to investigate possible spiritual problems or infestation in their house, land or property? After all, Jesus taught us to pray, deliver us from evil. Those problems can be equally unseen to the home owner or buyer, but they are just as real and potentially far more destructive to you and your family than a simple roof leak or a bad water heater.
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Did previous owners of the house fight all the time? Was someone always depressed? Was there a divorce? Did they do drugs? Were they involved in New Age meditation or Occultic practices? Was someone sick all the time? Did poverty or financial mismanagement afflict them? Did adultery or fornication (sex before marriage) occur there? All those things (and many more) leave a very real spiritual 'deposit' on the house, land and property and it isn't a positive one!
While the real estate closing settles the question of legal ownership, spiritual ownership and legality are an entirely different matter. Who is the spiritual owner of your  home and property you, the enemy or the Lord?
Bottom line? While physical security is important, only a Spiritual Home Cleaning can secure you and your family from the evil that may well be at work in your own home.
                                                                  Still not sure?
           Read the results of some Recent SHC's, then read the Biblical Basis for this ministry. 

Spiritual Home Cleaning (SHC) is a prayer ministry exercising the power and authority of Jesus Christ on behalf of those who are seeking relief and freedom from spiritual oppression and manifestation in their house, land or property. SHC recognizes that evil is alive and at work on planet earth to steal, kill and destroy people, as Jesus said. This evil, expressed through the person of Satan and his henchmen seeks to accomplish its purposes through inhabiting inaminate objects, such as land, homes, cars or other property. From these venues, Satan launches temptations, conflict, depression and much, much more, subtly trying to extend his spiritual influence to degrade your spiritual vitality and establish a negative relational and spiritual atmosphere of apathy, hostility, lovelessness or conflict in order to dominate the lives of the people in your home or on your property.

                                      Do You Need The Ministry Of SHC?
                                    Consider The Following Questions...
* Are you happy and content until you come home and then feel a heaviness or an
   uneasyness come over you as you open the door of your house or approach your
* Do you experience a sense of darkness, foreboding or oppression in your house
   or on your property?
* Are you experiencing a degree of conflict, rebellion or hostility like never before?
* Are you having a hard time getting to sleep or staying asleep at night?

Couple In Conflict
Lady Depressed
If You Answer 'Yes' To Any Of The Above Questions, Then Please...

1. Read The SHC Covenant Agreement.
2. Print off and fill out the brief SHC Inventory.
3. Call Pastor Bruce and schedule an SHC at your home.
4. Send the SHC Inventory with your check (made out to S.I.S.) to the
    address below.

This Is Just What Was Needed
Spiritual Home Cleaning

Address P.O. Box 307, Jacksboro, Tenn. 37757
Phone 423.201.9552

Happy Family With Cleansed Home
Gothic Lady
* Do you find it oppressive or difficult to read God's Word or pray in your home?
* Do you find yourself becoming increasingly spiritually lethargic or apathetic?
* Do you wonder if you're living in or moving into a 'haunted house' type of situation?
* Do you see or hear unusual or unexplained things going on around you?
* Do you smell strange or foul odors you can't seem to get rid of?
* Do you struggle with addictions to drugs, alcohol or other things?

Or are you wanting your house to be prayed over, spiritually
                   cleansed and blessed before you move in?
* Are you having reccurant bad dreams or nightmares?
* Do you find that you or your family members are getting sick and are experiencing
   chronic physical ailments at an increased level? 
* Do you feel exhausted or depressed and often feel unable to get out of
   bed in the morning?
* Do you experience nausea or headaches that are resistant to treatment?
* Do you sense an unwanted spiritual presence or malvolent spiritual
   infestation in your home or on your property?